Athlete of the Week: Chelsey Christensen

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She has flipped into the record books, sprung her way to nationals, and balanced school on top of it all.
We introduce you to Chelsey Christensen, this week's Athlete of the Week.

Chelsey says, 'Just the feeling you get when you learn something new, or doing something for the very first time, it's really great.'

Chelsey Christensen has been a gymnast since she was two years old.

Kiara says, 'Chelsey is a very hard worker.'
Chelsey says, 'I think it helps me be confident with myself, and not care what else is happening around me.'

She is among the elites in the world of gymnastics, where she's racked up 10 high school state championships and 7 school records.

Kiara says, 'She is a super good gymnast. She has been working her tail off forever.'
Kiara says, 'If you could just come in for a day you could see the potential in everything she has worked for - just in that one day. Even in an hour. It's amazing.'

Chelsey has been sticking landings as a level 10 gymnast for 5 years.

Kiara says, 'When she nails an event it's like college gymnastics all over. If you haven't seen it, they all just go crazy.'

But like any athlete of her caliber, she wouldn't have the same amount of success without countless hours of practice.

Chelsey says, 'Pretty tough. You're here every day for four hours, and it can get exhausting. You've just got to stick with it.'
Chelsey says, 'My normal day during the school year is, wake up and go to school, then come to the gym, and then go back home at nine o'clock at night and try to get homework and everything in.'

Her hard work has paid off, this year she signed with the University of Missouri.

Chelsey says, 'Just getting to compete as a SEC gymnast. The SEC is like one of the hardest conferences.'

And her goals don't end there.

Chelsey says, 'Long term it would be really great to see me and my team go to NCAA Nationals. I think we can do it.'
Kiara says, 'She can shoot for the stars. I know that for a fact, if she puts her mind to it.'