Athlete of the Week: Anna's Kindness

Anna Lefort passed away at the age of 13 in 2017 from complications pneumonia and a cold. Anna was known for her kindess and volunteering efforts. As Jeff Voss shows you, Anna's kindness lives on in many ways. Even in youth sports.

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To honor the memory of Anna, Michael and Fran Lefort sponsered a U-10 softball team in memory of their daughter.

Marlon Davey says, ' It was kind of neat. It was an honor to have something like that to happen to us.'

The sponsorship came as a surprise and was done because like this team Anna's softball team didn't have custom jerseys

Davey says,' We never found out until the very end. Right before we started planning, we never even really knew we had a team.'

Now this team had pink and gray jerseys. That carries Anna's name on the front, and her number on the sleeve

"I felt grateful"

" I didn't expect anything like that. I thought we were just going to get a promotion, but we ended up getting jerseys."

" I felt suprised because out of all the teams he chose us.'

" I thought oh wow. It is beautiful.'

The LeForts, who now live in Michigan shared the story of their daughter's. Which made an impact on the team who now play in her honor

"When we got this. I just felt super confident and super happy that we are able to know someone that we can pray for and play for on the team.'

" Kind of sad.. yeah.'

While Anna's Kindess didn't win many games on the field, they did win plenty of new frienships, memories and above all spreading joy. All things Anna stood for

" I had a lot of fun"

" Having a lot of fun and meeting all the girls"

"How much fun we had"

" I had lots of fun"

" meeting everybody and having so much fun"

" I had lots of fun playing on Anna's team it was super fun there was a lot of nice girls on this team, when I first was on this team I didn't know any girl on this team other than Claire. Then with the games knowing everybody's name it was super fun and I met lots of super good friends.'

Congratulations to Alexa, Katelynn, Raegan, Claire, Violet, Amy, Madison, Brinnley, Bianca, and Carlee on being this week's atheltes of the week.. And also to those who continue to spread Anna's Kindess

Jeff Voss, Black Hills Fox Sports