Athlete of the Week: Alex Kandolin

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Tuesday, she laid claim to an SDGA Junior Tour Golf title, but Alex Kandolin has been a force on the golf course for years, and, as Taylor Kauffman shows us, this week's Athlete of the Week isn't going anywhere.

Alex Kandolin is going to be a junior at St. Thomas More, and she's got an incredible golf game.

What is it like having your dad as your coach? Alex says, 'Well, he's standing right over there.'

But all jokes aside...
Alex says, 'I just love it. It's really cool.'

Brandon says, 'I think the dad part loves watching. The coaching part is always when something goes wrong I wish I could be in her mind, and I want to know, 'what were you thinking? What can we change, what can we think about different?''

And Alex is very coachable.

Brandon says, 'I wanted her to understand the short game is where it's very important, and she got really good at it.'
Alex says, 'Probably my favorite part of the game is putting. That's definitely where it can win you tournaments.'

...She knows that from experience.

2017 16-18 Junior golf champion, winning the playoff, Alex Kandolin.
Congratulations - Thank you.

Yesterday, Alex went into a 3-way playoff hole, and won, to finish 1st in the South Dakota Junior Golf Championship.

Brandon says, 'That was fun. And, making two solid putts to get a win out of it, I was very proud of her.'
Alex says, 'It was really cool. I love the playoff, the competition. It was really fun.'

No one wins championships just by having fun. It takes a lot of skill and concentration. Alex shared her tips on staying focused through 19-holes...

Alex says, 'A good night's rest, and I had a lot of food so that was good.'
Alex says, 'Trying to get through it one shot at a time. That's definitely how to go.'
Brandon says, 'One thing we talk about is how fast hole to hole can change with golf.'

Alex still has two more years of playing high school golf, but after that...

Alex says, 'I definitely want to play in college. I'm not sure where yet.'

...the sky's the limit. Congratulations to Alex Kandolin for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.>