Athlete of the Week: Abbey Dehler

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Jason says, 'She's just super strong, I mean she just really has a lot of power.'

Abbey Dehler has been playing tennis for 12-13 years...
Jason says, 'She's just one of those kids, whenever she plays her opponent, everyone likes her. She's just a good sport out there and works hard.'
And now she's a sophomore at Rapid City Stevens.

Jason says, 'She has some things to work on. She's still got to work on finishing out matches and not giving away free points and stuff like that. She's always willing to learn and she works hard.'
Abbey says, 'I just try to think of how I want the match to go. I think point-by-point how many more I need and just maintaining focus.'

While she's still one of the younger girls on the team - she's on track for a great season.

What's your record so far this season? Abbey says, 'so far I'm undefeated this season. Oh jeez, I don't know.'
What'd you say her record was? Jason says, 'Right now I think she's 10-0.'

And head coach Jason Olson sees a lot of potential in this sophomore stud.

Jason says, 'She has a chance to be a State Champion this year in her flight.'
Jason says, 'She just competes, she really plays hard. She's got a strong serve, strong over head. But, she just plays hard. She competes regardless, and doesn't give up. She's got a great attitude.'

As for Abbey, she'd love to have a perfect season, but right now she's just focusing on one serve at a time.

Abbey says, 'It'd be awesome to go undefeated, so far it's been good. We'll see this weekend. We're going to Sioux Falls this weekend, and they should be some tough competition, but it should be good.'

Best of luck to you this season Abbey, and congratulations for being this week's Powerade Athlete of the Week. For Black Hills Fox Sports, I'm Taylor Kauffman.