Athlete of the Week: Alejandro Rama

Published: Dec. 18, 2018 at 8:13 PM MST
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Alejandra Rama says, ' Being a good person. I try to great everyone, say hi to everybody. So I want to be remembered as that, someone who is always helpful.'

McGhee says, "It's unbelievable to be not only coach Ole but to be around him.'

Rama is already putting those words into action as he coaches youth teams on the reservation.

Rama says, ' I look forward to it probably just as much as they do. I really enjoy hanging out with the kids getting to know them and seeing them get better every day. It's really important to me and I look forward to it every weekend.'

Christian McGhee says, ' What he's doing for the youth is unbelievable. Its showing kids that it is possible to get to that next level. But it takes hard work and it takes dedication and a little bit of passion you have to be a little crazy, you have to get up in the morning to shoot, study late at night and stuff like that.'

Rama will have more late study sessions when he puts on a jersey for the Hardrockers next year.

Rama says, 'It's for sure going to be a challenge but I'm excited for that. It will be something new, any type of challenge is pretty fun to me.'

Being a Rocker next year will allow Rama to continue to give back

Rama says, ' choosing Mines is that I'm still able to make an impact but be close to home. A lot of tournaments my teams are in Rapid so I can still coach on the weekends hopefully and spend a lot of time and make an impact still.'

When Coach McGhee learned his senior guard had the chance at the D-2 level he saw the bright future it would give Rama

McGhee ' I was happy for him for sure as a player but ever more ecstatic for a good school. He will come out of there and his life will be set no matter what he wants to do and he will be set.'

Rama can score at will and scores a 3.9 GPA in the classroom. and yet manages to get even high marks in the game of life.

Rama says, ' A lot of kids might not have that good of a role model, so I want to be a great role model to them and leave an impact in their lives.'

Congratulations to Alejandro Rama for being this week's athlete of the week. Jeff Voss Black Hills Fox Sports >

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