American Flat Track series hits Speedway

The week of the Sturgis Rally and Races is always a good time to be a racing fan in the Black Hills and tonight was absolutely no exception with American Flat Track racing out at the Black Hills Speedway. The Black Hills half mile hit the dirt tonight and showcased some of the country's top talent.

Out to the Speedway we go on one of those nights that makes you realize just how good we've got it here in the Black Hills.

Good-sized crowd on hand for the racing.

And we start things off with the first of two AFT singles semifinals ... and they are off.

Here we've got Shayna Texter out of Pennsylvania in the lead on the final lap of the first semi with Englishman Oliver Brindley trying to make a move on the final turn but Texter holds Brindley off and takes the first qualifier in a time of 1:28.034, just a bit in front of Brindley.

And up next we've got the second semifinal's final lap after a restart because of a crash and Ryan Wells from Albion, New York, and Warrington, Pennsylvania's Daniel Bromley are neck and neck and this one was too close to call from where I was sitting but Wells takes this one 11 hundredths of a second in front of Bromley in a great race.

Texter went on to win the main event.