A huge second inning advances Rushmore to the winner's bracket

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It's been nearly 30 years since the Rushmore All-Stars have made their way to the North Dakota/South Dakota District Tournament, and the team had no plans of slowing down when they took on Fargo, North Dakota in the first round of play.

Fargo ready to take the field before the start of Friday night's game. Scoreless at the top of the first inning. Fargo opens up the game with a couple of runs. The first comes from Ashton Yaeger as he shoots to left field.

More from Fargo as Davin Blake's pitch gets loose. The runner on 2nd takes off, and Jason Maciejczak throws to 3rd for the out, there's an error, and Yaeger comes around to score putting Fargo in the 2-nothing lead.

2-1 Fargo as we head to the bottom of the 2nd inning, and Rushmore comes alive. Runners on the corners with 2 outs as Davin Blake hits the gap... and the shortstop. Dalton Dump and Kai Jackson score. Fargo has another error, on the play, and Blake wheels around for the in-the-park 3-run homer! Rushmore takes the 4-2 lead.

Rushmore rolling now as Peyton Tipton takes the plate and sends that ball all the way out to the parking lot for the solo home run. 5-2 Rushmore. You saw that right, kid!

Still with 2 outs, and Rushmore isn't done yet. Ethan Caroline knocks the 3-run home run over the fence in center field. Riley Palmer and Ean Druce score as Ethan Caroline racks up Rushmore's 2nd out of the park homer of the evening.
And the Rushmore All-Stars pound out the victory. 8-to-3 your final score.