When did upward trend in Pennington County COVID numbers begin?

Published: May. 23, 2020 at 12:30 AM MDT
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There's been a steady rise in COVID-19 cases in Pennington County, with 27 new cases Friday.

We've broken down the numbers to pinpoint the date the rapid rise in numbers began.

We've also looked at total testing numbers in the county, and negative test results- according to state of South Dakota numbers.

So here's the starting point.

On May 1st, the state showed Pennington County with 13 positive cases and 725 negative tests.

Numbers showed little movement at the beginning of May.

In fact on Thursday May 7th through Saturday May 9th, the county added just 1 new case per day ending with a total of 19 cases on May 9th.

The next day, Sunday May 10th is the day things changed, beginning a steadily growing number of reported cases.

Sunday May 10th, the state reported 7 new positive cases in Pennington County. The county total jumped from 19 up to 26 cases.

And the numbers have been climbing ever since.

Including those 7 cases on Sunday May 10th, through this Friday May 22nd: the county added 108 new cases.

This week has easily shown the fastest growth. From Sunday May 17th through Friday May 22nd: there had been 78 new cases this week, with 1 day left (Saturday) to go.

There have been more than 1-thousand negative tests during that 12 day period (May 10th through Friday May 22nd) when Covid numbers climbed upward.

So far in May, according to state numbers, the county has risen 114 cases: starting with 13 cases May 1st up to 127 cases by Friday.

However, negative test results have also risen from 725 reported by the state on May 1st up to 2,104 on Friday May 22nd.

For perspective, it's important to see that the number of tests given also jumped significantly midway through this week in Pennington County.

Crunching the state numbers, we calculate the following test numbers for the county:

Monday May 18:-----29 tests with 6 positive and 23 negative

Tuesday May 19:-----40 tests with 16 positive and 24 negative

Wednesday May 20:---40 tests with 11 positive and 29 negative

Thursday testing numbers jumped:

Thursday May 21:---318 tests with 15 positive and 303 negative

Friday May 22:---372 tests with 27 positive and 345 negative

For more information on the pandemic be sure to always check reliable sources; for example the State of South Dakota's Department of Health website at: and the CDC website at:

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