Last minute preparations for tax season ending

Rapid City, SD (KEVN) April 17th is almost here and that means the window to get those taxes filed is coming to a close.

Liberty Tax Preparers say people coming in to file their taxes late in the season is a result of having an abundance of information and waiting until the last minute to gather it all.
The company says if you are having trouble organizing the the necessary information, the best thing to do now in the game would be to file an extension that could save you hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars

Grace Strickland, lead preparer at Liberty Tax, says "We do extensions and by filing an extension, it gives you until October to file it and the interest and fees that they charge for um not paying are way way less than if you have a failure to file, that extension will save you from getting that failure to file penalty."

Liberty Tax will be open until Tuesday April 17th. They can assist in filing up until midnight on that date and Strickland says if they need to, that is what they will do until the last person comes through the door.