Favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving food

Published: Nov. 27, 2019 at 4:14 PM MST
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Thanksgiving meals have iconic food--- the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, desserts.

At Main Street Square Ice Skating Rink, Anderley Penwell asked some of the passersby what are everyone's favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving foods.

"My favorite Thanksgiving food is green bean casserole," said Melissa Bierman. "I love to go to the farmers' market in Portland where I live, but I'm visiting my family in the Black Hills here. I get the green beans and some mushrooms and make a nice vegetable broth and make the yummiest green bean casserole ever. And I can't forget the tofurkey, too! So, it's my favorite!"

Her daughter, Willa, said that turkey and cranberry sauce were her favorites.

Eight-year-old Elizabeth Regglan said turkey and pie with whipped cream are her favorites.

Her five-year-old sister, Maribell, said broccoli was her favorite, and stuffing was her least favorite.

"We enjoy Scandinavian food and dishes," said Ritchie Nordstrom. "And here, they call it 'klube.' It's a potato dumpling. Basically what it is, is just a recipe of potatoes and flour."