Ellsworth Air Force Base held jammed GPS signal exercises

Published: Oct. 17, 2018 at 10:07 PM MDT
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Ellsworth Air Force Base held flying exercises this week, which is business as usual. But this exercise is different, because they're throwing in an additional, realistic challenge: jammed GPS signals.

This is the first time Ellsworth has done this kind of exercise and it's used as a tactic to challenge airmen under difficult conditions.

For many of these airmen, GPS is used to accurately drop bombs, but lieutenants and airmen say they have other sensors on board to help assist in the process.

Sergeant Adam Vizi said the crew is adapting well under the difficult circumstances and its important they prepare for real-life situations like this.

"Its extremely relevant because of the trans regional threat around the world, and our ability to show that bombers can get in, strike a target and get out, in any environment," Sergeant Vizi said.

It took six months to plan this exercise which is a three day practice plan.