As the UTV's come out for the summer; here's what motorists should lookout for

Published: Apr. 27, 2019 at 4:33 PM MDT
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You may have noticed them in city limits, on the roads, side by sides. But in the state of South Dakota, that's not illegal. In fact many people license their UTV's just like they would a motorcycle.

"These UTV's are built pretty well. They can keep up with traffic, there's no issues with them. Some of them are governed at 42 mph some of them aren't governed at 42 mph and they go very fast," says Brian Blenner a lieutenant with the Rapid City Police Department.

Talking about going very fast, some UTV's can top 80mph. Although, in the woods and on trails, you're alone or with fellow UTV's, in city limits you have to be more mindful.

"Some of these new ones really are built with the roll cages around them and they are very safe we just that you treat them almost like a motorcycle. They are smaller vehicles so you need to not drive in peoples blind spots and just be a little more cautious around cars because they may not see you," says Blenner.

To license your UTV all you need is a horn, break lights, a rear view mirror, and you're all set. The licensing simplicity is bringing people into the state from across the country.

"Even when I've traveled around I've seen UTV's with South Dakota plates and in like Utah. I ask, hey where are you from in South Dakota? And it turns out they aren't even from South Dakota. People from other states are licensing their UTV's in South Dakota so they can travel in other states which allows them to drive on the roads," says Blenner.

So drive cautious this summer as the motorcycles and UTV's will be on the roads.