Youth artwork portrayed through song and dance

At the 4th Annual Choose ART: Addiction Reframed Youth Performance, the audience was able to see art pieces come to life through original dances and music compositions. Leading into the show was a silent auction allowing people to see the visual art that inspired tonight's performers. We spoke to one of the artists about what her piece means and what she hopes people will learn from it.

Mackenzie Miller, a student artist from Custer High School, says "This is kind of experiencing that you need to give your life out for other people so when you're addicted to something, you're not there for anyone else. No matter what you go through, you can always be higher and there are other people higher than you are that are going through the same type of thing as you are."

The inspirational pieces of artwork displayed were submitted by Rapid City Area students who have been working all year long. Instructors say they are extremely proud that students are using their talents to encourage other students to make positive choices in their lives.