Youth roll out red carpet to share projects on healthy relationships and sexual misconduct

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Youth Voices in Prevention in Rapid City packed the Elks Theater downtown to share with parents and the community what the organization has been working on this year.

Youth Voices and Prevention shared Photovoice project and Take Action Videos on stage at Elks Theater (KEVN).

Monday night, students showcased murals created through their Photovoice project and premiering Take Action Videos that hit on topics such as healthy teen relationships and sexual violence prevention.

Students said they are grateful for the many community partners who stand behind their mission and shared what they hope people get out of these projects.

"I think it's really awesome that we have the opportunity to be here because I don't think in many other places the community would help this much because we have so many community partners," said Sadie Colbeck.

"I really hope that they realize that is happening to youth in the community and it's happening to us and affecting us and we really put that message through these short films hoping that people maybe take something home with them that they didn't know," said Peyton Swallow.

The videos will be presented in Rapid City Area Schools.

Supporting organizations include Youth and Family Services and Working Against Violence Inc.