Young people recognized at Black Hills Stock Show Youth Day

The Black Hills Stock Show Youth Day is all about young people putting their brains to the test.

"It's a chance for them to exhibit and show what they know to judges and get feedback on how they are doing," said Matthew Olson, program adviser for SDSU Extension 4-H Youth.

About 350 youth from all throughout the region competing in events like the beef cookoff, a dog show, livestock judging, hippology, a horse quiz bowl, and livestockology.

"They're looking at animals and they're going to place them 1 through 4 but they're using critical thinking skills and evaluation to determine which one is the best or which one is not as good as the first place one," Olson said.

Shorty after, all of the youth were acknowledged for their hard work.

We got words from the champion beginner ...

"We were learning about not to second guest ourselves and everything, to trust ourselves," said Beginner Kinzie Brimmer.

to the senior who says the skills gained are lifelong.

"It's overall a good experience. It will help you alot in life if you are in to a career in ranching or agriculture and it helps you with public speaking," said 1st Place Senior Jacob Steiner.

"The biggest point is to find something that you have fun doing because this is really fun," Brimmer continued.

Although today may seem like it is just about animals, Olsen said otherwise.

"It's really things that they are going to use in their everyday lives, like i said those critical thinking skills and evaluation and just life skills in general is what they are using today," he said.

Both 4-H and non 4-H youth were invited to enter Youth Day.
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