Young minds pitch their ideas to interest the sharks

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Four teams of young entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to a team of three investors on the campus of Western Dakota Tech on Tuesday afternoon.

High School Students came up with new inventions they would like to take to the market, and pitched their ideas in hopes of gaining the investment and support of those on the panel.

Ideas ranged from a high-tech water bottle, a new cell phone charger, a company to develop local crops, and a way to beautify tree stumps.

Carol Rae says, 'The enthusiasm of these students for their ideas is half the battle. If they can continue with that type of forward looking, optimism and enthusiasm while still being real as far as the market potential for their products they have a good shot at building businesses.'

After a discussion by the judges the team from Stevens High School won with their idea for a cell phone charger.

Rae added that she would like to see more students get involved in projects like this.