Young job hopefuls attend School of Mines career fair

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More than 90 companies were searching for new blood at the School of Mines annual Spring Career Fair.

Tuesday over 1,000 Mines students had the chance to interact with potential employers and hand out resumes.

One student found his internship with a manufacturing company called Daktronics at one of these career fairs.

He encourages other students to put themselves out there and apply to their chosen businesses as well.

SDSMT Junior and Daktronics Hardware Design Intern Adam Esche says, "It really expands your horizons when it comes to just seeing what's out there because you really don't know, obviously you can check online and stuff like that, however going to a career fair gives you more of a personal touch especially for companies in South Dakota that would be more local and easier to relocate and stuff like that."

Adam says internships are important for any student in any situation because you learn how a company works and if you want to be in that field for the rest of your life.

Adam also says career fairs help students improve communication skills and get comfortable in a professional setting.