Young composers have their music played at Crazy Horse Memorial

The sounds of young Native American composers, Maya, Jodean and Baylie. Their first time ever composing, the three musicians brought their talent to the Lakota Music Academy sessions at Crazy Horse for the past few months. Outside of helping the student's learn new skills, the program is aimed at creating cultural understanding. I sat down with the group to see what the thought process was behind their selections performed today and why they chose to do the program.

Baylie says, "What I got out of this is just learning a new way to express myself and it's another art form and art forms are just really fun to go learn about and just do it yourself. Alot of the stuff I do is more visual and having music to kind of emphasize the visual."

Maya Eagle says, "Music just connects people in different ways. Like before, If I didn't know that these two liked music, I don't think we would have connected at all but like we all share the same kind of passion for music so we all just really connected."

Today, they got the opportunity to hear that music played professionally for the first time. One Dakota Wind Quintet member says he couldn't be more happy to have worked with the young artists.

Jeffrey Paul, Dakota Wind Quintet player, says "Their works are actually filled with such depth and spirit and expression. It's just been really a humbling and pleasurable experience to work with these guys the last couple of days.

and their instructor says judging from his student's reactions, the time they spent learning was well paid off.

Jerod Tate, Chicasaw Composer-in-Residence, says "I'm seeing smiles on their aces and the ensemble will get done with something and they'll just be like that was awesome. It's just like their just capturing the moment. It's really exciting for them to hear that. Because they're composing brand new works, I actually get to know their personalities quite well because they're all very personal, composing is a very personal because you're expressing you who are."

So after a short time of hard work, the young composers say they were able to grow creatively and personally.

Jodean says, "From this experience, I've learned alot. I did something that I thought I couldn't do. I met alot of great people, spend alot of the good times with them."