Young boy climbs for a cure for Parksinson's disease

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - On Saturday a young boy was "climbing for a cure" for a debilitating condition.

Supporters climbed M-Hill in Founders Park to help 12-year-old Owen Ponto fight Parkinson's disease.

Parksinson's is a disorder of the central nervous system, causing tremors, or shaking, and slow movements in patients.

For the 2nd annual Climb for a Cure, participants could also buy t-shirts and raffle tickets.

Both of Owen's grandparents suffer from the disease, so he says raising money for this cause is very important to him.

Owen Ponto says, "I just wanted to do something so that other children with grandparents or parents with Parkinson's don't have to watch their grandparents go what they go through. It's saddening. It's definitely heartbreaking so this is why I wanted to do Climb for a Cure."

Last year Owen raised more than $8,000, and he hopes to raise even more this year.