Yogis gather at Main Street Square for yoga festival

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It's one of the largest gatherings of flexible folks in downtown Rapid City.

Nearly a hundred yogis enjoyed a sunny summer day at the Black Hills Yoga Festival.

This is the third year Yoga Studio hosted the event.

Organizers hope it refreshes everyone's soul and gives yoga practitioners a chance to reconnect with each other.

"We just really believe in yoga as a practice regardless of where you practice yoga, we just want the whole community that practices yoga to all come together in a group setting in a free class for everybody," Kirsten Huot, co-founder, Black Hills Yoga Festival said.

During the festival, attendees took deep breaths out of life and strengthened their bodies with some downward dog.

They received step by step instructions while listening to soothing pan drum music... creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Yoga instructor Cat Croteau says yoga helped her be a better version of herself.

"It's relaxing for the body, but it helps the mind. I'm much calmer. I don't get as stressed out. I'm a better mom so yoga just covers all the bases in life," Cat Croteau said, attended Black Hills Yoga Festival.

When it comes to choosing the location, Huot says it was important for them to have it at Main Street Square.

"The square's just kind of the center of the city. We think it's super fun. We lived in New York for four years and they always did it in Time Square so I guess in that same concept we thought it's be cool if we could have in the middle of the city the big picture of all the yogis doing yoga," Kirsten Huot said.

Croteau believes yoga can be all things for all people whether that be spiritual, physical, or meditative.

"It doesn't have to be crazy poses and balancing and stretching. It can just be sitting with your eyes closed and just really breathing and tuning in. It can be for anybody, any ability, any size so give it a try," Cat Croteau said.

You can learn more about Yoga Studio and their classes at rapidcityyoga.com.