Year in Review: A look at our top headlines for 2017

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The big news of the day is that 2018 has officially begun, but it's hard to forget 2017 when we had some major things happening right here in Rapid City.
We take a look back at some of last year's top headlines.

2017 started out with a high number of homicides.
On January 18th, when Kasie Lord, a clerk at the Loaf N' Jug on Mount Rushmore Road was stabbed to death.
Police say it started with two people, 18-year old Carlos Quevedo and 19-year old Cody Grady, stealing beer and ended with Lord being stabbed multiple times.
Quevedo admitted to stabbing Lord and pleaded guilty to second degree murder in November.
Grady is set to go to trial next month.

Also in January, 24-year old David Schneider pleaded guilty to first degree murder after being one of three men accused of killing 22-year old Jessica Rehfeld in May of 2015.
Schneider faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole with the possibility of the death penalty.
Rehfeld's ex-boyfriend, Jonathon Klinetobe is accused of offering money to Schneider and Richard Hirth to kill Rehfeld.

And in February South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed a bill that repealed initiated measure 22, a bill that was deemed as an anti-corruption law, after it was approved by South Dakota voters a few months prior.
Daugaard said the bill was unconstitutional.

Then in April, sad news in Spearfish, when a devastating fire took the lives of five children.
The tragic Spearfish blaze rocked the Black Hills community on April 1st.
Police say the fire started in the southeast corner of the east facing porch of the residence at the intersection of Ames and Oliver Streets.

Starting in June, Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender shared his two options with the public when it comes to the future of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.
The two choices are to remodel the Barnett Arena for an estimated cost of $25 million, or a build a new one for an estimated price of between $100 and 130 million.
The options still have to be voted on by the City Council and then possibly the public.

And of course in August was the 2017 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
The ten day total for the 77th Sturgis Rally came in at a little more than 469,000, a slight increase from the year before.

Also in Sturgis, in October, the Sturgis Brown High School's homecoming was canceled after negative actions and posts were made on social media.
This made national news when a group of students posted pictures of themselves bashing a car with spray paint on the vehicle saying things like "Go back to the Rez," because they were scheduled to play the Pine Ridge Thorpes.
All homecoming activities were canceled after a vote from the school board.

Then sad news hit in November when State Representative Craig Tieszen lost his life in a New Zealand boating accident.
The 68-year old was in the Cook Islands for a family wedding, when he drowned in a boating accident the day before Thanksgiving.
A New Zealand news outlet reports that Tieszen died trying to save his brother in law's life, who unfortunately also passed away.

In December, the Legion Lake Fire claimed 54,023 acres in Custer State Park.
The fire shut down the park, after a week of battling the blaze the park is now back open.

Also in December, Donald Willingham was found guilty of attempted first degree murder after beating South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Zac Bader two years ago.
A jury found Willingham guilty of that charge plus, aggravated assault on law enforcement, two marijuana charges and commission of a felony with a firearm.
He faces more than 100 years behind bars.

Those are just a few of the top headlines from 2017, we'll see what 2018 has in store.