YFS wraps gifts at Rushmore Mall to help youth programs

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If you need a little help wrapping gifts this holiday season, one local organization has you got you covered.

This weekend the Youth and Family Services "Gift Wrapping Headquarters" opened up at the Rushmore Mall.
For a small price, the organization will wrap your gifts, with all proceeds going to help youth programs at YFS.
The cost can vary from $3 to $10, depending on the size of the present you need to be wrapped.
The booth is run by volunteers, donating their time and cheerful smile all in the spirit of the holidays.

Darcie Decker, YFS Community Outreach Director, says, "I actually tell the volunteers that work here, it's your opportunity to spread the holiday cheer with people as they come by and it's also a wonderful service to people to have their presents wrapped, taken care of, they don't have to spend that time wrapping them at home, bend down on a table, so it's a real relief for people when they get their presents wrapped here and done very nicely also."

Volunteers are still needed for the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.
Decker says those can be extra fun days because that's when it's really busy.
If you're interested in volunteering you can call 342-4195.