Wyoming's Sen. Mike Enzi wants to prevent government shutdowns

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- Congress passes legislation to avert a government shutdown.

Wyoming's Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) discusses his proposal to avert government shutdowns for good at his office on Capitol Hill Thursday. (Source: Gray DC)

Wyoming’s Republican Senator Mike Enzi wants to make sure there aren’t any shutdowns in the future.

Senator Enzi says government shutdowns are extremely costly.

So, he cosponsored the End Government Shutdowns Act.

Under the proposal, the government would not be able to spend additional money beyond the current budget.

He said the legislation would also force lawmakers to stay in session until they pass a new budget.

“Congress would not be allowed to go home. They’d have to be here 7 days a week, voting 7 days a week…I’m pretty sure we’d straighten it out in a pretty big hurry if that were the penalty," said Enzi.

Enzi tells me he is still looking for supporters for the legislation.

For now, there’s a 1.4 trillion dollar spending bill on President Trump’s desk. He’s expected to sign it before Friday’s midnight deadline.

Listen to the full interview with Sen. Enzi above.

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