Wyoming's Campbell County Commissioner discusses many uses for coal during meetings in D.C.

Published: Feb. 26, 2020 at 8:25 AM MST
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Wyoming's Campbell County Commissioner is in the nation's capital to discuss rare earth exploration.

Rusty Bell said they are meeting with federal agencies and lawmakers to talk about multiple topics, including how to make products out of carbon.

"It's all things carbon for Wyoming," Bell said outside of a Wyoming Wednesday gathering on Wednesday morning.

"For Campbell county in the state of Wyoming who produces so much of the electricity, so much of the resources that come from Wyoming that go all over the country to sit down with the Department of Energy and other folks here really makes a difference in what we’re doing at home," he said.

Bell said they will also be discussing the importance of carbon capture and sequestration, safer ways to work with coal and still use it as an energy resource.

"Coal workers, they don’t really care what we're making out of coal, whether it goes to a train and burns somewhere for electrical production or whether they're making construction materials out of carbon or coal. So they mine really efficiently, we reclaim really efficiently," said Bell.

“We’re sitting on half a trillion tons of carbon in that area, one of the United States’ most incredible resources. We really need to use it," said the Commissioner of the rich resources in Wyoming.

“Nobody mines them better than the people in Wyoming and nobody cares about the environment more than the people in Wyoming so it really makes a big difference that we get to make the policy decisions on what happens with our area. That’s really what it’s about," said Bell.

Bell traveled to the nation's capital with Jim Ford, Campbell County's Energy Consultant, and Dru Palmer, Campbell County's Natural Resources Consultant.

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