Women musicians get empowered one note at a time at workshop

The Singing Doe Workshop created an environment for female singers, musicians, and songwriters of different backgrounds and genres to connect, grow, and inspire one another.

Artists were able to network and share ideas for the beginning of the day. They then were able to listen to some local women share their experiences about the their own personal journeys in music. Following the panel, the ladies took out their own instruments and learned common "rules" while playing in a Folk-style Open Jam!

Anna Robinson, co-founder of Singing Doe, says "Music I believe effects everyone's life and yet women make up a very small portion of entertainment in general, especially the music scene around here so we hope to empower the women here to find more opportunities and say hey, we're in this to, show off what we got and all of our hard work as well."

Saturday's workshop was just a preview of the day. Everyone was welcomed to an evening showcase of local talent later in the evening.