Rapid City women share empowering words for International Women's Day

It is a day to celebrate the achievements of women around the world including those who have passed, and those who will follow in their footsteps. We got word from some the female pioneers who are in Rapid City.

The first is superintendent of schools Dr. Lori Simon who says women have many strengths that they bring to all relationships. She says women are good listeners and are caring and nurturing by nature. She sends pieces of advice to the young women in the world.

Cassie Christy has been on the Rapid City Fire Department as a firefighter medic since 2016 having previously served as one for South Dakota Wildland. She says women should be proud of who they are and what they are capable of doing, and that means even for a front of the line position like she is in.

Christy, says "if you have a dream of doing this and you stick to it, you work hard, you work out, you eat right, you learn how to run the trucks, you learn how to put your gear on and you do a good job at what you do, then anybody can do it."

Dr. Helen Frederickson, a gynecologist at Rapid City Regional, has practiced for many years in multiple places across the country. She says she's had a very fruitful career and was fortunate enough to not be discriminated against at no cost in the medical field. She says women have come along way and should be proud.

Frederickson says, "When you think of how far things have come in one generation, I think all women should be appreciative of the strides we have made because it is quite mind boggling and I think in medicine, women can really do anything they put their minds to, however I think they need to be dedicated and passionate about what they are doing."

The first National Women's Day was observed in the United States on February 28 in 1909. It was proclaimed in honor of the 1908 garment workers' strike in New York, where women protested against working conditions.