Woman sentenced to 10 years behind bars for felony child abuse and neglect

On Wednesday a Pine Ridge woman was sentenced in federal court after earlier pleading guilty to felony child abuse and neglect.

Judge Jeffrey Viken sentenced Darshan Featherman to 10 years in federal prison and three years of supervised release.

According to the factual basis statement signed by Featherman, police found two little girls at her mother's house lying on the floor wearing only diapers.

The three-year-old appeared sensitive to light, but authorities soon discovered she was blind due to chronic non-accidental trauma to her brain.

Police say the children weighed only 13 pounds each.

According to court documents, the doctor who treated the children says they would have died from chronic starvation had they not been found.

U.S. Attorney Megan Poppen says these girls now cry out for food even when they're already full, and says they'll have eating disorders and mental health issues for the rest of their lives.

Judge Viken says in his 41 years of working prosecution, defense, and the bench, he has never seen this level of neglect.

Featherman's attorney Jenn Albertson says the 10 year sentence is unfair because other people have been sentenced for less time with harsher neglect crimes.