Woman gets to do dialysis treatment and spend time with her family in Rapid City

An extra special holiday season for one woman and her family living in Rapid City, as the hospital made it possible for her to get her dialysis treatment closer to home.

After spending countless hours on the road for her four-hour long dialysis runs, Paulette Tobin finally got the chance to do her treatments, spend less time traveling, and more time with family.

So after persevering and being patient with Regional Health Rapid City, a seat became available and she and her family finally got the call they were waiting for.

Emily Tupa, her daughter residing in Rapid City, says "Immediately I knew what that would mean for this whole trip, just more time together as a family, getting her home and resting faster, less time of winter roads, it just all kind of hit me at once."

Angie Mills is in her third week as director of the intensive care unit and she tells me when she learned of Paulette's journey, she was sure to make her visit a priority.

Angie Mills, director of the Intensive Care Unit, says "I know that every hour you can have with your family is important and every minute, so the fact that she can have her treatments here versus going an hour or two away will make a huge difference in her holiday season."

Tobin says, "I was very happy to see that there was someone who was taking a real interest in the needs of traveling patients."

Tupa continues, "To know that people have Mount Rushmore on their bucket list and they can come here, visit their families and spend the holidays with them, Regional Health is going to make that happen."

Regional Health Rapid City says this has been a real eye opener for them. They say they will be assessing for traveling patients and hope to have a plan in place in six months.