Winter temperatures bring attention to car safety

Cory's Tri State Tire Factory has been very busy with vehicle maintenance for the start of the season.

They say a couple of things people should look out for is one, the tread depth and the type of rubber you have on your tires,
two, as the temperature drops, so does the air pressure so making sure that's checked, test your coolant level and its strength, and lastly, get your car batteries and their strength looked at. They say if you cannot do these things yourself, it's easy to find help.

Cory Brown, owner of Tri State, says "I think it's a good idea, especially if you're not originally from the area. Maybe if you moved here a year or two ago and you're not super familiar with the winter yet, it's not a bad idea to have your car get a "winter onceover." Alot of shops will do a basic inspection for you for not much money and they can test all those things, your battery, your coolant level, your other fluids, your serpentine belt which is also important, your tires and your pressure.

Tri State Tire Factory says they are busiest when the snow hits the ground but are always open to helping customers and keeping them safe as they prepare to take on the season.