Wine, Brew & BBQ in Hill City brings in hundreds

Published: Aug. 26, 2017 at 5:56 PM MDT
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It's a competition you can both smell and taste.

The 5th Annual Wine, Brew & BBQ brought hundreds together to not only taste wine, beer and barbecue, but witness one of the largest summer competitions in the area. Bobby Stanfield, who has won championships for his own business B-S BBQ Outlaws in Hill City, serves as the event coordinator and gave me the scoop on how it all got started.

Bobby Stanfield says, "Just always been a fan of barbecue and cooking and a gentlemen came along, Tony B., made mention of putting on a Kansas City BBQ Sanction event at that time, I was like hey, I'm In."

So it began, an event that sparks interest in barbecue enthusiasts like Bobby himself ... but also for the people who call Hill City home.

Stanfield says, "I've competed quite a bit myself, but its just a great event for the town, it's amazing for all the merchants the amount of foot traffic that's in town."

I talked to one of the competitors from right down the street about how he gets his meat ready for the race.

Dave Scnwochow, owner of Pit Stop Deli, says "This is the beef brisket, put it on at 3 o'clock this morning, smoked it on a yoder for about nine or ten hours, let it rest for about two hours and trimmed up the fat, cleaned it up, put the greens on there, and get it ready to turn into the judges. They judge everything on presentation and taste."

Professional teams were to prepare 6 portions in 4 categories presenting chicken, pork ribs, pork shoulder and beef brisket, all to see who can take home a piece of the $12,500 prize and/or a $2000 grand champion prize. Bobby says when it comes to BBQ, all of the teams break loose.

"When it comes to game day, everybody has a game face on. We all love each other but we all want to beat each other," he says.

This year's grand champion is Parrot Head Smokers from Dakota Dunes, SD.