Wind Cave National Park celebrates its stars for National Park Week

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - A couple of hundred people were touring Wind Cave National Park to witness some of the lands greatest attributes or stars.

"So people are most excited probably about seeing some bison calves coming out throughout the park, little bison running around," said Lori Hynes, an interpretive park ranger at Wind Cave National Park.

not to mention the unique cave formations down below that trace our nation's heritage.

"Windcave has 95% of the world's known boxwork formation and so they're getting ready to walk through a cave and see some of our famous formations," Hynes said.

Some of the tourists walked away from the experience and say it was like no other.

"To interestingly capture these formations is really beautiful and brings a great opportunity to take it home with you and show your friends and family and really promote these natural environments we're trying to save and preserve," said Stacy Hoffman, visiting from Minnesota.

Visitors were also amazed by the unique features and the grand scale of the parks namesake.

"1903 is when it became the national park but before that, the hole to find it was only this big, who in their right mind would go down a hole that big but inside, it was so interesting," said Amanda Hoffman, visiting from Minnesota.

Park staff says as they approach the summer months, things begin to pick up.

"With our busy summer visitation, we have knew staff coming on, we have training going on to get everybody prepared for our busy summer season," Hynes said.

National Park Week lasts through April 29th but Hynes invites everyone that the experience stretches even further than that.

"Come out and visit Wind Cave National Park and visit all year," Hynes concluded.