Wildfire meteorologist forecasts mild wildfire season for the Black Hills

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Wildfires are usually rampant around this time of year, but scientists say Western South Dakota doesn't have much to worry about this fire season.

Local wildfire meteorologist Darren Clabo says wildfires are an integral part of any ecosystem in North America.

Although they create habitats for some species, wildfires can also burn fencing, hay crops, and valuable timber.

However, Clabo says with all the rainfall the Black Hills received over the last three months the potential for a fire is low.

Darren Clabo, SD State Wildfire Meteorologist says, "It's pretty variable across Western South Dakota. The Black Hills don't look too bad right now. We've had a lot of rain over the past six to eight weeks. It's really moistened up the fuels, but some of the prairie areas, eastern Pennington County going up through Haakon County towards Pierre, they're definitely drier and I do have some concern for those areas."

Clabo says anytime is a good time to prepare for wildfires so make sure you have a water source or fire extinguisher nearby if you are haying or mowing.