Wild West Song Writers Festival brings tons of talent to Deadwood

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Deadwood, SD The music continues in Deadwood with a day full of local artists and big named stars performing all over downtown.

Brandon Ray, songwriter says, "I think there's just an amazing community here that supports things like this. When there's an event like this that comes in, people come out and they support it and that means everything to us."

Deadwood has been supporting and bringing big names and local talent to the Wild West Songwriters Festival for five years.

George Milos, events and promotion manager says, "I think one of the main reasons why we draw good talent here is the fact that it is Deadwood South Dakota. I think a lot of people just love coming here."

And although they don't have to travel as far the locals reap plenty of benefits from having this event in their backyard.

Emily Jerde, local songwriter says, "We are here to learn about the art of songwriting from professionals down in Nashville Tennessee. This is a great place for local songwriters to congregate and find out about each other and maybe even write more songs in the future together."

This three day event creates intimate concerts for artists to get back to the roots of songwriting and publishers to get a glance at the great talent.

Ray says, "I love it I think the I contact the people just engaged and the intimate settings like these are everything that's what song writing is about as connecting with people."

When the event was created, organizers wanted the festival to be uniquely Deadwood and inspire both the artists and the audience.

Milos says, "Where else can you sit and listen to one of the fan founding members of Sugarland tell the story about how he wrote the song and then actually sing that song it's a perfect place for it."

Over the years the festival has gotten national attention and continues to draw even bigger crowds.

Milos says, "The responses bigger this year the venues are filling up a lot faster especially Saturday. Saturday is the main day where people really want to get out and they claim these little tiny venues to hear these people tell the stories and sing their songs."

Some artists came early to get as much inspiration from the area as possible this weekend.

But the local artists already know why Deadwood is a place to sing about.

Jerde says, "As far as the influence from our hometown, I think our culture and the history that the South Dakota offers is incredible and I think that that's what's on my heart when I write about where I come from."