Why are family dinners important? : Friday's Focus on Fatherhood

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - We've probably all heard that one key to a healthy strong family is eating dinner together.
So why are they so important?
And what are some keys to making dinnertime, quality time?

John Gordon runs the Fatherhood First program at Youth and Family Services.
In this week's Friday's Focus on Fatherhood, Gordon shares some thoughts about family dinners.

"Again we talk about quality. So if you can manage 1 to 2 days a week with your household to sit down and have dinner together or supper or whatever it might be, that's a wonderful time for everybody to just sit down and appreciate the kind of day or kind of week you're having," says John Gordon.

"You can call it 'The rose or the thorn', where everybody says what was one rose that happened today? What was one thorn that happened today?
Or the good or the bad we can call it too.
So everybody can kinda go around the table and just share a little bit about what they're doing. It's just a quick way for everybody to spend some quality time together, and hey, spending time doing dishes together can be a little painful for the kids, but they're still spending time together," Gordon continues.

"So again in our fast paced society it is challenging to do that 7 days a week. You know in the Beaver Cleaver days that's the way it was, but we aren't in that society anymore.
But I'll tell you what, quality time can be at a restaurant eating dinner together, or you could all be sitting at the breakfast bar together watching your local favorite sports team. I consider that a good way to spend time together eating too. And hey, the occasional carpet picnic with a box of pizza on the floor, watching a movie, perfect," Gordon says.

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And we'll have another tip for dad's next Friday night.