Whitewood receives two grants to help with an upcoming project.

WHITEWOOD, S.D. (KEVN) - Governor Kristi Noem gave out 4.4 million dollars in grants to seven towns in South Dakota including Whitewood.

Whitewood received two grants for an upcoming project.

The town received 596 thousand dollars toward their 1 point 6 million dollar Laurel Street sewer project.

And this grant is not the only one they received, the town also got a 400 thousand dollar community access grant.

Between the two, it pays for more than half the project ... which is only in it's beginning phase.

The Whitewood Finance Officer Cory Heckenlaible is excited about these grants for community upgrades.

"This will be part of our Laurel Street project and the CDBG grant will be used for sewer, new sewer main, water lines, storm sewer, some repairs to sidewalks and ramps things like that," said Heckenlaible.

The Laurel Street project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020.