Where to for vacation? Coronavirus puts worries in international travel

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN)- The novel coronavirus was first found in China, but it has been spreading to different countries, including one of the top travel destinations, Italy. Some travel agencies in Rapid City say, they've got quite a few clients calling in, because they were worried about the risk of being infected if traveling abroad. Dakota Travel in Rapid City advises, if you are traveling to anywhere overseas and have any
concern, make sure to talk to your agent and see what options are there.

Michelle Thomson, the president of Black Hills and Badlands Tourism Association says, "Black Hills are looked at as a safe destination. I think a lot of visitors who are originally planning to go on international trips or planning to go to New York or Los Angeles, some of the bigger cities, there may be a little bit of fear, because of the coronavirus. We're not one of the major cities, you don't necessarily have to fly here,
we have a lot of people who drive in, so because we are deemed safe,
I think we are going to gain a lot of people coming to the Black Hills for that reason."