When our kids graduate and move out : "Friday's Focus on Fatherhood"

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN)- Time flies; and as Dad's, before we know it, our kids have graduated high school and are ready to move out.
Our kids that used to be so little, so dependent on us to provide for them and protect them, are growing up.
And the thought of our kids moving out can be emotional.

Here's a few thoughts to help successfully navigate that exciting new chapter of life.

Jim Kinyon is a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor.

"How do you deal with that? How do you prepare for that? It's a very difficult thing. Again celebrations those ceremonies, those opportunities to gather together as a larger family," Kinyon says.

"Those great things we do to help graduates by pulling together those poster boards, or rotating pictures, that help us celebrate the entirety of their life," he continues.

"And at the same time I think it's really important that we help kids understand that they're born to launch. That's what they're designed for and while there is grief related to that; we also have to be prepared to celebrate the fact that this child has successfully navigated some important life stations in their life and that they've really acquired some skills and assets," Kinyon says.

"And really one of the most important things we do as parents is really recognize their gifts, their skills, and their talents. To communicate confidence about their ability to meet their needs going forward.

To also communicate that we aren't abandoning them at the same time. But recognizing that they have strengths and assets and to really celebrate that maturation process with them, I think helps soften that blow a little bit, and it makes it less anxious for the kids especially," Kinyon says.

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And we'll have another tip for dad's next Friday night.