What to eat when your favorite produce is out of season

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Many of us have a favorite fruit or vegetable, but sometimes it's not always in season - so that's a great time to try something new.

Produce that is currently in season includes kale, Brussels sprouts, and citrus fruits like mandarins or pomelos.

The general manager at Breadroot Natural Foods says buying local and in season means little to no storage or shipping costs.

This lowers the overall price of the produce - unlike off season produce.

Breadroot Natural Foods Co-op General Manager Jeffrey Thouron says, "They have to be shipped from far away say Mexico, Argentina, sometimes apples come all the way from New Zealand. It's really a hotspot for growing apples and you have to pay for all of the shipping costs, the freighter costs, the distribution."

He also says buying produce grown around the area helps put money back into the local economy.

At Breadroot, produce with a blue tag has been grown locally - like their winter squash and carrots from Midland, South Dakota.