What is an unincorporated town?

PENNINGTON COUNTY, S.D. (KEVN) - An unincorporated town does not have a council or board that governs it and operates under the county's regulations.

A car driving through Rockerville.

Pennington County has around 14 of these townships and they are mostly made up of people with common interests, but you can't just start one you have to go through a process.

There are some cons to these types of communities they are not part of a city's water or sewer lines, and there is less control of land use regulations.

Planning and Zoning Director for Pennington County Brittney Molitor says they go by different rules.

"You're not under another layer of government essentially. When you look at cities they have a municipality, they have codes, they have regulations. Where you have the county, there codes and regulations are typically more broad and less stringent than maybe a local city," said Molitor.

Pennington County does share a small part of Black Hawk with Meade County.