West Boulevard erupts in a string concert

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - On a beautiful day like Monday, a lot of people were walking down West Boulevard with their kids and pets.

One of the daughters playing beautiful music on her cello.

There was one thing out of the ordinary though, a mother and her kids outside with their string instruments performing for everyone who was walking and driving by.

Meghan Knowles and her kids were playing Suzuki and classical music right on their front lawn.

This was to help her kids get back into their usual routine and restore a sense of normalcy and after being locked inside.

And because it was such a beautiful day, Knowles and her kids decided to have their practice outside echoing their gentle and beautiful sounds all down West Boulevard.

"We just decided to get out and it's a really hard time for artists right now because we can't perform our art for people and we know we live on the boulevard so we have lots of people walking by and it's such a nice day we thought maybe our neighbors might want to come out and listen," said Knowles.

And their neighbors certainly seemed to appreciate the music, plenty of people stopped to listen.

Including one man who listened for a bit, left, then came back 10 minutes later to share it with his whole family.

Knowles says this is a beautiful way to share their art in a time when artists are struggling.