Ward 5 candidates compete in runoff

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Rapid City, SD Ward 5 in Rapid City is having a run off for their City Council seat...and the two candidates are completing months of campaigning, in just a few weeks.

Laura Armstrong and Ron Sasso are the 2 candidates competing for Ward 5's Council Seat.

After the general election on June 6th, neither candidate received 50 percent of the vote plus one, which institutes a runoff.

Ron Sasso believes his previous experience serving on the council is an asset to Rapid City and Laura Armstrong believes her experience as a business owner brings a new perspective to ward 5.

Laura Armstrong, City Council Ward 5 candidate says, "Given my experience as a small business owner as well as having experience in the corporate level, I know that I can bring business skills and leadership to the city council which will ultimate benefit Rapid City over all."

Ron Sasso, City Council Ward 5 Candidate says, "I believe I have the education, the experience, and the track record. I've addresses infrastructure, I've kept taxes down, I'm proud of what I did in my two years, and I know what I can do if given another opportunity. It will be a lot more improvement for Rapid City."

Voting day for the runoff election is Tuesday, June 27th and early voting is already underway.