Walls' revenue is up during the off-tourism season

WALL, S.D. (KEVN) - On a peak summer day, the town of Wall sees more than 20 thousand visitors.

The stores are getting ready for the upcoming season.

Those numbers drop at this time of year, but they say they're still seeing an increase compared to this time last year.

In December of 2019, the town saw a twenty percent increase in revenue made from the city's sales tax over 2018.

And those aren't the only numbers that are up.

Also in December, Wall businesses saw more than a nine percent increase in visitor spending.

With numbers going up, Kelsey Clark, the executive director of the Wall and Badlands Area Chamber of Commerce, is expanding the area's online presence.

"Digital is just exploding and everybody has their phones readily available and so when people are traveling to Wall on the interstate we just have it targeted that they're going to see an ad that's promoting our website and hopefully encourage them to stop in Wall as they're passing through and probably going to the Black Hills," said Clark.

The area was up in taxable sales by more than one percent for the whole 2019 year.