WDT truck driving students slide for experience

Published: Oct. 27, 2016 at 5:46 PM MDT
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Students in Western Dakota Tech's professional truck driving program had a unique opportunity to test their skills using the SkidTruck System.

The device uses hydraulics to lift the truck off the ground just enough to where normal traction is taken away. This allows drivers to simulate driving on snow, ice, or wet pavement. Students in the driving class were able to learn how to handle the semi should they encounter a situation like this in the future.

Lead Truck Driving Instructer from Western Dakota Tech David Miller says, "It gives them some simulation for real-world applications of driving on ice, slick conditions, black ice, anything of that nature. It teaches you how to compensate for the skid and teaches you the right way to avoid getting into bad situations."

Western Dakota Tech Student Alex Rous says, "It definitely was a different experience. When you come into a corner and you really feel that back end kick out on you, you go into that sense of you don't know what you're doing for sure, and then you just kind of tap the brakes a little bit and it catches the front end and you're able to turn again."

Retired Western Dakota Tech Truck Driving Instructer Roger Stevens says he plans to reach out to the community with hopes they will use the device to train those who drive public vehicles.