Voter turnout low for city council and school board elections

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Voter turnout was low for this year's city council and school board elections.

When the Pennington County Auditor's Office received less than 900 early votes, they felt the turnout was not going to be high.

Pennington County Auditor Julie Pearson says turnout for city races is always predictably low compared to statewide or presidential races.

She thinks many people did not vote for a number of reasons.

Julie Pearson says, "When there isn't anything big, which is good news, things are running fine, people think they're running fine and they just think status quo is okay. Or the new candidates or the non-incumbents have to create that interest in themselves and however much - it all takes money and time from the candidates so it's all based on how much work and effort the candidates themselves put into it."

The Auditor's Office says they expected between 5,000 and 8,000 votes.