Volunteers spruce up brand new trails by the Sturgis City Dams

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Volunteers are finishing up some new trails near the Sturgis City Dams on Saturday.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim takes us along for a hike on a brand new addition to the Hills.

Black Hills Trails Board of Directors Member Kent Jacobs says, "Clearing the trail, there's always a step of getting the trail manually, doing some manual work on the trail to get it shaped the way that it needs to be so that it'll be sustainable. And why are they doing it? Well I think we've got some really great community support in the Sturgis area for this trail system that's going in and people just want to be part of helping out with it."

Black Hills Trails and members of the Sturgis community were clearing away rocks and brush on several new trails off of Vanocker Canyon Road.

These paths will be part of a loop system that will link the 7th Cavalry Trail system and the Centennial Trail, which stretches 111 miles from Bear Butte State Park to Wind Cave National Park.

Machines initially paved the City Dam trails over the past 18 months, and volunteers were finishing them on Saturday with a personal touch.

Katrina Lim says, "I am standing at the beginning of Trail Number 1, which is about 2.5 miles long. Volunteers have been working on this trail since about 8 in the morning and they're about to start working on trails number 2 and 3."

Volunteer Jessie Fahlgren says, "It was fun. It was really nice seeing the trail go from being all rocky and rough to looking nice and smooth and thinking about people using it. I do a lot of trial running so I thought it would be kind of cool to see how the trails are made."

And one of the best ways to help preserve these trails is to educate those that use them.

Kent Jacobs says, "Build them sustainably and have good support for them, which means getting people involved and getting them to understand what it means to put a trail in and having that accessible for them to use so that they can enjoy it and they want to build more."

Many hikers are eager to explore the Sturgis City Dams and the new trails that lead to them, but Jacobs says there's still work to do.

Kent Jacobs says, "We've got some things that the city needs to do to put some signage in and just make sure things are safe and people understand what they're supposed to do, what they can and can't do to get into the trails, and then it'll be ready."

Jacobs hopes the trails will be open for the public in about 3 weeks.

Reporting from Sturgis, I'm Katrina Lim. Black Hills FOX News.