Visitors from outer space march in Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous parade

Published: Sep. 16, 2017 at 6:53 PM MDT
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Saturday's UFO parade was out of this world.

Black Hills FOX Reporter Katrina Lim traveled to Hulett, Wyoming to check out the first annual Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous.

Aliens, UFOs, and other extraterrestrial life forms visited our planet to march in a parade.

The parade wrapped up the three day festival and convention, which taught people about UFO's and celebrated the anniversary of the sci-fi film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Event Organizer and Devils Tower UFO Rendezvous Vice-President Bob Olson says, "A lot of the sightings are hoaxes, but probably one percent of them are real. There are unexplained sightings. There's been numerous different pilots, astronauts, and government officials that have acknowledged that there are UFOs. What they are, where they come from, we don't know, but wouldn't it be cool to be the one that figured out it was real?"

One attendee dressed as a Starfleet captain from Star Trek, and he says he's been interested in aliens since he was a little boy.

Costume Contestant and Fleet Captain of USS Thunderchild Eugene Schnitger says, "I have always been a science-fiction geek and I do believe in life elsewhere in the universe and so when I heard this was going on and they were going to have this parade, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for my Star Trek Fan Club to be out and get more recognition in the communities of the Black Hills."

One vendor says he's not necessarily interested in the physicality of aliens and UFOs, but in their energy.

Twisted Sage Studios Owner Brian Besco says, "What interests us in the UFO culture is that we actually work with the non-physical beings. I mean we even see as the angelic race as a race of beings and so we feel that - it is within my belief that we're all aliens on this planet."

After the parade, there was a costume contest.

Characters were judged based on the audience's applause, and whoever had the most applause, was the winner.