Veterans Day honoring one family's lineage

Honoring those who have put their lives on the line.That's what the High Plains Western Heritage Center aimed to do today,
with their 2nd Annual Veterans Day Program.

With a presentation of the colors by the legion riders,
an explanation of the national anthem, and being wooed by the sweet sounds of The Potter Family, there was 95-year-old Willis Arnold, the eldest in the room. He served in the Alabama National Guard years ago.

When asked what he thinks of all of this he said, "Great, just great, absolutely. I'm so thankful for y'all being here."

and his daughter who works at the heritage center and who has a hand in putting this event together.

Karla Scovell, Executive Director of the High Plains Western Heritage Center, says "It's such an honor to have my dad here today and to honor men like him who fought for our country and especially like I said to have him here with us today .. still alive and doing well.

Right by his side sits his grandson who will be heading to Georgia in just a few weeks to join the U.S. army.

Kuper Bohl, says "I just think its a very selfless thing to do, especially for people who volunteered, even for people who were drafted either way. They had to fight and they did it and they came back and it was for their country either way one way or another."

So, it's a family thing. Army, Marines, and Air Force going back for many generations , and for this family,they say they're glad to come from a line all compelled to serve, and all having a special love their country.

Scovell says, " We grew up in a generation where we knew where our freedom came from and it was right there in front of us all our lives."