Vertex Sky Bar attracts crowds for Easter brunch

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While some restaurants are closed for Easter, others, including the Vertex Sky Bar, stayed open on Sunday.

The rooftop restaurant at the Alex Johnson offered a variety of brunch options.

They've been busy preparing food since yesterday with nearly 60 employees on staff.

And some at AJ's say Easter means spending time with family.

Kendra McArthur says, "We just like to have a nice option for everybody to come and enjoy their Easter. We know everybody is busy going to Church and they have family in town so it's just nice to have that convenience factored and just go to a nice restaurant and have a nice meal."

The Vertex is normally a member-only restaurant, but for Easter, it's open to everyone.

Other restaurants that were open for brunch include Enigma, Minervas, and the Gold Bison Grill at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn.