Using genetics to advance the cattle industry

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As part of the Black Hills Stock Show, Monday night cattlemen were using genetics to make their beef even better.

Ranchers at the Holiday Inn and others tuning in from online could buy premium cattle embryos at the 10th annual Gold Rush Cattle Genetics Sale.

Many of these embryos go for thousands of dollars at a time.

One bid taker says thanks to science, we end up with better beef in the grocery store.

Bid Taker Justin Stout says, "If you go back years ago, if you wanted to get the best genetics within a certain breed, you had to go buy that specific animal and breed them yourself and now with the use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer, you can flush some of these good donor cows or mate them to high predictability bulls and sell those genetics to other people so other people can share genetics nationwide."

Stout says he sees the future of the cattle embryo industry growing in the years to come.