Trucking through Rapid City for Special Olympics

You could hear their horns honking through the Black Hills, it was the sound of giving back.

87 truckers grill to grill convoying across the city to celebrate their support of the athletes of Special Olympics. Coordinators say it's an opportunity for law enforcement and the driving community to come together and network, but also to help special needs athletes continue to train in year-round sports activities and today, letting more than 75 of them take a ride.

Joe Burmeister, Sports Director of Black Hills Works through Rapid City storm, says "When we actually get done and announce for the truck drivers to go down to the line-up and they stand up outside of the trucks and the athletes go and they pick a truck to go ride in, they meet t hat driver, they build a relationship there and then they get in the truck and it's just all smiles."

Drivers say they couldn't have driven for a greater cause.

Shiloh Donner, a truck driver, says "For me, when I was a little kid riding around in the truck, there was no better feeling than that and these kids they enjoyt it, you know. They get to sit up high and see everything and enjoy just riding in a truck in general and that's kind of what it's all about for them."

Donner got to drive around 22-year-old Kourtney.

Donner continues "He was just enjoying it, let him talk on the radio, and get to wave at everybody and just smiling the whole time."

and when I asked Kourtney what today meant for him, here's what he had to say.

"What is your favorite part?" I asked.

Kourtney says, "The truck cattle ... I like it the best."

According to the organization, Special Olympics supports more than 2,000 athletes and 26 sports across the state. Organizers say Rapid City is just one of the places that supports so generously.

Burmeister continues, I"d just like to thank the truck-driving community. I'd like to thank Black Hills Harvey-Davidson, I'd like to thank the Rapid City community. This town is wonderful for supporting special Olympics. It wouldn't happen without the support."